About us


My name is Jayda and I've been creating stuff for as long as I can remember and I'm so fortunate that I can now share this with all you wonderful people!
My launched started on January 9th on Etsy. 

Everything I make is 100% handmade and made a lot of love!
Each item is handmade and will not depart until it's pefect! That way I will know for sure that you'll love your item! :)

We mostly sell fan based products, that means that it is based of various movies, games and other media! 

This shop is keeping up with the current events as well!

▪️🌱90% of all the orders are being transported to the post office by bicycle. Resulting in no co2 emissions whatsoever. 🌱

▪️♻️I try my best to recycle all the materials that are not used or are left! Helping reduce plastic waste! ♻️