• Care instructions: Please note that all my products contain traces of ink/paint. Therefor they are not washable!


  • I ordered multiple things. Will the be shipped separately? No. As long as the items can fit in one box together they will be shipped as one package. The total of the shipping costs will of course be lowered. I will contact you and give you a refund 


  • Can the plushies handle rough playing? Yes. Just like all my other products they are made to last. One of things I check every time I make a new plushie is that it can handle rough playing.
    How do I do that? Well by shaking them really wild of course! :D
  • Are the plushies save for children? Almost all my plushies contain traces of ink, glue or paint. Therefore they are harmful when a child were to put a part when ink or paint is on in their mouth. For example, Sammy Lawrences feet (plush). Please be cautious when you know your child is likely to put something inside his or her mouth.

    Other than that, I found no evidence online that the dried up ink, paint and glue can cause any harm. But I wouldn’t suggest sleeping next to them everyday. As the fumes could make you feel dizzy when they’ve been inhaled for a long period of time.

If you have any further questions, please ask them! We thrive to respond within 24 hours! Email: Freakyslittleshop@hotmail.com